Hippo! by Jeff Newman

I am clearly lazy when it comes to writing but in my defense, I have been crazy busy over the past couple months. I am down to two classes left before getting my M.S.L.S. and I just received a promotion at work. Throw a husband and a 3-year-old in the mix and there is little room left to do anything else.

So, that’s why I am back with my first book review in months and it was written by my 3-year-old, Roman!

I’ll preface by saying this was a cute book that lets the pictures do most of the storytelling. You will want to read it with a lot of expression to elicit the type laughter I got from Roman. With that said, here we go.

Tell me about your book Hippo, what do you think about it?


Did you like the book?

Yeah, that was funny.

What was funny about the book?


Because why? What was funny in the book?


Who is in the book?

Rhino. Hippo-ma-pomanus.

Do you think other kids should read Hippo?



Because they want to.

Well, there you go. A professional, high-quality review by a toddler. Seriously, guys, check it out for your 3+-year-olds. 😉


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