Book trailer #3: The Ninth Ward

My final trailer is for The Ninth Ward, a book based on Hurricane Katrina. I enjoyed it but it was not my favorite of my three. Overall, it falls flat and could use more character development. It is fun and an easy read, though!

Images used in the film fall under creative commons copyright or the public domain; credit is below:

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Book Trailer #1: The Graveyard Book

Can you tell that I love this book? It is just incredible fun! I had a time using iMovie to make this trailer, though. I made about 6 different versions of this trailer – the first one had cool effects but it was a template and I couldn’t as much as I would have liked. The versions after that had various glitches – even this one has a pink flash near the end for some unknown reason.

I am familiar with Creative Commons and the CC search, as I had to use it for LibGuides to add pictures so that is what I used for my photographs in my trailer (all photos have creative commons licenses). The credits for the photos are below the trailer.

The music in the trailer is copyright Apple, iMovie, and is their Suspense 1 & Suspense 2 tracks featured with iMovie.  

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